Monday, July 03, 2006

See Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

First, this the best PowerPoint presentation I've ever seen. Second, the message is dead on. I came back to check some of his facts, and the ones I checked all panned out. In global warming, we have started something that we need to act on now to reverse.

This is the kind of leadership, by the way, that we need. I recently got asked what the world needs to succeed over the next few years. Lots. And one of the things we need is leadership. I don't see that emerging from inside the political system. Not just ours, nor anyone else's. A great failure of democracy (which has other successes) is that it makes long-term thinking and action just plain hard. I think the leadership we'll need will come from the Al Gore's and the Bill and Melinda Gates's and the Google programs for giving, from Jack Dangermond's conservation GIS programs, and other efforts like these. Surely there are serious philanthropy efforts in other countries, too. We've allowed the world to evolve to a place where a lot of money and power is concentrated in comparatively few places - and we'd best hope and encourage that those act responsibly.

Which doesn't let us off the hook. Stay and watch the credits when you see "An Inconvenient Truth." They are peppered with good ideas for how we can help as individuals.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm convinced the reason Al Gore has already announced his non-candidacy in 2008 is because of his commitment to this cause, and his understanding that if he's a presidential candidate, the sincerity of his mission will be unendingly questioned. I'm amazed, still, at how many people are willing to go along with the administration's claim that global warming may be "naturally caused". It may be inconvenient, indeed, to the huge corporations who will have to make changes, but the alternative is as unthinkable as atomic war.


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