Monday, December 13, 2004

FAA Regulates Space Tourism....A little early?

The FAA will be regulating space tourism.

It seems a little early to me.

Perhaps we should have a few more space tourists before we start regulating thier safety. Space is a new frontier, and I'm pretty sure no one checked all of the trappers heading west to be sure they had regulation horses and walked or rode only safe paths. Many trappers died. But they knew about the danger, and chose to go anyway.

Now, I'm not suggesting we leave space tourism unregulated forever (and certainly the roads west are rightly regulated now). Just that we give it a few wild, innovative, and yes, dangerous years. Let it grow in peace for a while....

And doesn't something feel off when we only lightly regulate the online world and we throw the FAA on space tourism before it even has a chance to really get started?


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