Sunday, June 26, 2005

Kudos to the Seattle Times

The Times is running a series called "Suddenly Sick" - excellent journalism designed to help us see the darker side of the medical industry. As we have been struggling at work to try and understand why our insurance rates keep rising, and rising, and rising....way beyond inflation, the underlying problem the Times is discussing has become increasingly clear: one of the worst contributors to our out-of-control system is big pharmaceutical companies (there are others -- big pharma is one)of the worst).

I linked the article above - and highly suggest reading it.

Many years ago, I gave up regular television. Not because of the poor quality of the shows (although that might have been enough, eventually), but because of the high quality of the advertising. Here I was sitting in front a tube watching interesting one-minute shows that multinational corporations had spent millions of dollars on - solely to try to make me behave in ways they wanted. I suspect I'm more my own person for attempting, whenever possible, to avoid advertsing. Am I going to have avoid the doctors office next?


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