Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Seattle Restaurant Recommendation: Earth and Ocean

Lunch on my own in Seattle today. I decided to go real-food (after doing SBC coffee and a molasses cookie yesterday, and then having trouble staying awake). Well, I came across Earth and Ocean as I was out walking and looking, and ducked in. I'd seen great reviews of the place.

Had a fabulous pasta with fresh vegetables and lemon...perfectly blended flavors, just enough food (let's hear for people who serve one person enough food for one person instead of three), and very unobtrusive but effective service.

Not cheap - lunch with a tip was $21. But the food was worth the price. I'm going back for dinner sometime.

The only problem is I'm still sleepy. But I think that's because they picked a monotone speaker for after lunch. On FCC decisions.... a tough topic to be anything but monotone on. Maybe I'll go take a nap.

See you at Earth and Ocean sometime in the next month or two!

-- Brenda


At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brenda, where is the restaurant? I have to try it!


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