Sunday, July 31, 2005

Capturing July Musings and Reading Recommendations

July Musings

Summer. More gardening...watching Toni create our garden is wonderful - she is so very creative and so very focused. I sit and write and watch, and every morning I wake up to see the little plants and how they are doing. Birds visit the yard, and we spotted a raccoon the other day - not quite so good. We're pondering how to make sure it stays outside the fence. Not as easy it sounds, if you've ever dealt with a raccoon.

We're getting a puppy - and are ever so excited! So I've posted her baby picture from the breeder here. She's a border collie - smart and active.

July Reading Recommendation:

The Secrets of Jin-Shei, by Alma Alexander
A beautiful subtle book in a delicately built and well-drawn magical world resembling ancient China. Enter a society where a bond deeper than friendship unites women across caste and clan, and affects the outcome of an empire. A very, very nice read.


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