Friday, August 05, 2005

London / Glasgow Travelogue: Day 4

Scotland is much less well-off than London. At least the part of Glasgow that I've been in has a lot of vacant office space and a lot more buildings that are not well-kempt. The coffee is terrible. It's either Nescafe or weak and bitter brewed stuff. They are OK at cappuccino though, and there are Cafe Nero's (which are as good and as ubiquitous as Starbucks) everywhere. There are also Starbucks, which are about the same as at home, but not so many as Cafe Nero's.
The people are fabulously polite, and the lilt and run and chatter of their voices is like listening to a pleasant stream - it's not quite the English I'm used to; I've had to ask for clarifications a number of times. But it sounds so much better than we do. London did too, but not as good as here.
The architecture is great - both the new and old buildings are typically interesting.
I'm actually here for the World Science Fiction Convention, and I'm enjoying that so far. I had dinner with one of the Tor editors, a magazine editor, and some writer friends of mine last night up at the Hilton and the food was quite good. I'll try and get some pictures to include today - it rained most of yesterday and I didn't get any good ones.


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