Sunday, August 07, 2005

London/Glasgow Travelogue / Day 6

I got out once at lunch, so I have some pictures.

This one is the auditorium where the Hugos will be given out.

It's attached to a big building, the SECC, where the convention is happening.

Some of the people from an electronic list of Larry's fans, including Nick Edwards, Tim Atkinson, Tim's sweetie Corinne Svoboda, and Nick's brother (whose name I unfortunately forgot to write down) ended up being great lunch partners - we went down to town and got chinese buffet that was actually quiet good.

Nick and I and Tim are pictured (in order) in our very nice Larry-Niven-L list T-shirts. I have another picture where the graphic is a little clearer but I don't have time to post it right now. It was nice to get out and go to town to eat and feel the sun (it was a beautiful day, and the first few days here were quite rainy).

I listened to an interesting talk on Augmented Reality by Karl Schroeder (author of Ventus and Lady of Mazes). According to Karl, you can define augmented reality as a different interface to the computer, an interface that is much more seamlessly integrated with the real world than our current interface which is more akin to looking at another world througha window.

I also got to meet Harry Harrison -- one of the nice things about being here is meeting folk that don't seem to often show up at conventions at the states.


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