Monday, August 08, 2005

London/Glasgow Travelogue - Day ?

7 or 8 or whatever! After 11 Pm anyway. Spent some time in downtown Glasgow today, shopping. It's much better looking that the parts I've been in. A nice walking town, with wide cobbled boulevards. There were many of the same shops that I saw in London (and we share a bunch of those as well in the US). Oh - and Starbucks on many corners. They sell different food, but the same coffee. It tastes right, so apparently the same training, too.

The con ended well - the last panel I went to was Tor Book's "What's New" and one of thier editors, David Hartwell, suggested that I'm a new writer worth watching. Actually, I think he described me as "Hot young writer." My writing is getting some attention, but I may have been as pleased by the "young" word. I decided that was such a nice closing note I skipped the dead dog party (the traditional last of the convention party) and stayed in my room to write and pack. After all, writer's write!

And by the way, although not perfectly located, the Menzie's hotel over here is very nice, with big rooms and helpful staff.

Even though I didn't have nearly enough days in either London or Glasgow, I'm quite happy to be heading home to my family.


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