Friday, February 10, 2006

Capturing January Musings

January Musings:

Well, a new year always brings thoughts and goals. Looking back, last year was pretty good. I have a lot to be happy about. Toni and I bought the house, we've acquired two new puppies, my first book came out, I got my first inclusion in any of the year's best anthologies, and I sold two books. My son David is a full-fledged nationally registered paramedic, and we pulled that off with no debt (just a big dent in the savings). He's got his first full-time potentially benefitted job, and while it's not yet what he wants most (Firefighter/paramedic), he's feeling proud and he likes what he does. We had a great holiday with much of the family visiting.

And for 2006? I want to finish this book, and one more that has been rattling around in my head for awhile. I have a story to write with Larry (we committed to it a long time ago - it may be my last chance to collaborate with him), and I hope to enjoy the pups and my great family and get enough exercise to lose a bit of weight....that same old hope so many of us have every year.

Good luck to everyone in 2006!

There is no January Reading Recommendation - I've been very busy fighting the good fight with the last part of the second novel I sold to Tor, family, a broken-legged puppy, and a new puppy. I'm reading - writer's read - but I keep picking up books and putting them down, starting something else, etc. I'm a bit too distracted, apparently, to finish anything. We did go see King Kong - a wonderful movie that would have been perfect if Peter Jackson had been happy with re-making King Kong. Apparently, he decided to re-make Jurassic Park as well - or at least half of it -- and stuff that into his monkey movie. He did do King Kong and the girl really is worth seeing. But don't drink anything for three hours beforehand.


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