Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Small Publication News (No pun intended)

Had a story, "Isaac's Granddaughter," selected for a nice small literary magzine, The Salal Review. I've had both a poem and another story in it over the years, and I'm quite pleased that my work will be included in the 2006 issue.

I have fond memories of Salal-as-a-dream. Way back when I went to school at Lower Columbia College in the late nineties, my creative witing teacher, Joe Green, talked about starting the magazine. Tenderly. It meant something to him for the school to have a literary magazine, and because of that, I still like to submit to Salal even though I usually get paid for my work these days (for Salal, I'll get two copies or so of the magazine, and then buy a bunch more to support them and have copies to hand out, so the deal's not a financial win for me). Mind you, they have rejected me in the past, as well. But this year, they did choose one of my stories.

It always feels good to show up in someone's good dream. Not to mention that it's really cool that students work on the magazine.


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