Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Capturing February's Reading Recommendation and Musings

February Musings:

Well, it's sunny today. A strange thing for Washington, and very welcome after truly dreary weather in the last part of December and all of January. Winter sunshine seems to elevate the mood of the entire state.

The world outside feels a little less sunny. Bush seems to be getting away with entirely too much, I still don't see a doorway out of the mess in Iraq, and sometimes it seems we are just so slow in growing up. And no, I'm not claiming perfection for myself either. Maybe it's the winter blues....but then the small things do intrude and require a laugh - the puppy tearing out pages of the phone book (why on earth do we have a paper phone book anyway - we use it once a year, maybe twice), the first blooming crocus in the yard.

February Reading Recommendation:

Mary, Mary by James Patterson. I had to read this for a writing workshop, and since I didn't much like the last James Patterson I read (London Bridges), I wasn't looking forward to Mary, Mary regardless of the striking cover. It turned out to be quite enjoyable. I very much liked the humanity of Alex Cross, and the entire situation he was in did seem believable (an unbelievable situation was my primary problem with London Bridges).

Anyway, nicely done thriller. Edge of your seat, but with real touching human moments and a reasonable level of perversity in the universe - this fictional world was just about as odd as the real one seems to be.


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