Monday, April 03, 2006

March's Reading Recommendations and Musings

March Musings:

We're doing a strategic plan at work, and I'm talking about future planning to a group of City and County managers in the next few days. What better time than spring to think forward? I also just uploaded this great picture of our Border Collie, Sasha, straining to catch a Frisbee on the beach. That's a nice spring goal - catching a Frisbee. Maybe my Frisbee's for this quarter are finishing the book (just a few chapters away now), getting more exercise (I've been rather laid up with a persistent cough), and spending some good quality time with the people I love. A good time for action, for doing what the flowers and plants are doing - unfurling and growing.

March Reading Recommendation:

Fifty Degrees Below by Kim Stanley Robinson. One of those Science Fiction books that manages to educate and entertain all at once. Very well worth reading.


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