Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blue Heaven on Kelleys Island

At the Blue Heaver writer's workshop on Kelleys Island in Ohio (on lake Erie). I brought the Seattle weather with me, but other than that, it has been a fabulous time. Most of the writers here are new to me, or people I'd only met casually at conventions. But I've read almost everyone's work, and it's fun to paint names with faces and personalities. The critiques are fabulous and everyone's work has been fun. I expect to see most of these books we're discussing in draft on shelves in the next few years.

Kelleys Island is pretty interesting. I don't know if this trolley will get used this summer, but I suspect not. The island's history seems to be a working island of about 4,000 loggers,limestone quarry workers, and associated functions turned to a tourist and visitor haven with about 200 year-round residents. That makes for an interesting small economy, a bit of trouble getting adequate connectivity, and a great time walking about and noticing ruins. I'll do at least one more post today with a picture from the glacial grooves - a rock formation left behind by a glacier.

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