Thursday, September 07, 2006

You go, Mr. President.

You go, Mr. President. Try and convince me that "alternative interrogation" is different than torture. It's about the same as saying "differently abled" means the guy in the wheel chair no longer needs it. It just sounds a little better to all of us. But it doesn't change the basic situation.

The headline in today's Seattle Times suggests you don't care what congress wants to do about trials for suspected terrorists. Well, I do. I have a better chance of talking to my congressman or woman about an issue than I do to you. You feel pretty far removed. Not only from me as a citizen, but from the checks and balances of our constitution.

Sometimes, even from reality.

Go on - take the pendulum way, way up. It will have a bigger swing back, and the next few Presidents won't have any power at all. Maybe that's okay.

You're using "fascist" instead of "terrorist." You seem to be trying to make me think 2006 is like World War II. That war was over before I was born, but I don't think it was much like today. We're not in a conventional war, and we're not in a war we can win by being big strong bullies. The more you try to use brute force on a complex and dangerous situation, the more you strengthen the enemy. Being a bully isn't helping. It's not what I want leading my country, or me.

But go on. Really. You go!

Even the republicans in my family are starting to think its time for a big change.


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to report the republican (singular) in MY family has also seen the light. This is how bad the current regime is! If only the change had not cost so many lives and caused so much terrible and unconscionable suffering . . .

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