Thursday, October 19, 2006

September reading recommendation, news, and musings

Updating my web page today, saving the old content here.

September News:
Nothing terribly new. The World Science Fiction Convention last weekend was probably the most well-run Worldcon I've been to. Kudos the army of volunteer staff and just plain volunteers that pulled that off - the scheduling was great, the panels they picked for me were interesting, directions to everywhere worked, and even the food lines were short. Heck, even the elevator lines were short.
Worldcons are always work for a writer, but on top of that, I had a LOT of fun.
And a highlight - my friend David Levine won a Hugo Award for Best Short Story. I don't remember the last time I saw anyone look quite that happy, and David deserved every little bit of that. It was also nice to see another David, David Hartwell from Tor Books, win a Hugo for Best Editor.
September Musings:
Still spending much time musing about global warming. I think we've radically underestimated the affects, and may have radically underestimated our chances of doing much about it. Except, of course, we have to try.
The Global Warming panel at Worldcon was packed. Panelists Gregory Benford and Kim Stanley Robinson did a great job. At one point, a skeptic stood up to contest that it was happening at all, and essentially got a cold welcome from the crowd (the panelists were politer).

September Reading Recommendations:
I finished Steven Barnes' Great Sky Woman on my way to and from the convention. He's one of those writers who just doesn't quiet get the acclaim he should. Some day he'll hit big time, and his backlist will reappear. Anyway, Great Sky Woman was quite good. Be patient though, it starts out a little slow. Just let yourself relax into his world building, which is wonderfully detailed, and take it as a meditation while you wait for the tension to start quite a few chapters in. Trust Steven - he delivers.


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