Thursday, December 08, 2005

Globalization: Small Notes

There is an article in today's Seattle Times that highlights the new jobs Microsoft is creating in India. Increasingly, people I talk to are beginning to understand that India, and probably China, will surpass us in GDP in the near future. My guess: probably both within the next decade, especially if we keep our current policy stance.
In itself, this is fine. In fact it is probably quite good for us.
But we may be missing something important.
Multiple strong economies are going to require world governance. Maybe not world government, but representative bodies to make decisions. World courts, which we've avoided like the plague. World policing bodies, like the UN, but perhaps a stronger UN or a different group. World trade organizations, only hopefully not entirely run by corporations. Today, we have enough strength to help form and mold these organizations. But we don't seem to be doing that. There is certainly no obvious national dialogue about it. We will have a smaller voice when we are the third largest economy, or perhaps even smaller than that.
Just a morning thought....


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