Saturday, January 22, 2005

Music Industry Sales are Good for Writers

Music sales are up. Internet sales. This bodes well for the internet future of writers like myself. Today, it's easy to buy and enjoy music from the Internet. At 99 cents a song for my iPod, I feel like I'm getting a good deal. And I have more choices than that - many artists post some or all of thier music for free as well.
Digital books (with the exception of audiobooks) don't yet have an optimal form-factor device, like music has the iPod, not to mention many other great playback devices. But someday they will. And the idea that there will be both a commons area where I can post fiction and/or non-fiction for free if I so desire, and a way to sell other wriing so that I can make a living as a writer, is a good thing.
Today, I sell books and stories (primarily to print media) for money. And I write here and for for the sheer joy of it - with no monetary return expected. So let's hear it for both strict copyright law and a rich digital commons. And for the digital world, where the cost of music is pretty low, and where as a reader I may be able to buy stories for less, and yet make as much, or more, for the stories I sell.


At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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